Modern Features You Demand – Plus Unique Advantages

With one of the industry’s newest fleets, Xtreme Drilling Corp. offers all the technological sophistication you expect from today’s modern drilling rigs—but that’s just our baseline. Xtreme also offers proprietary advancements that support our goal of providing deeper, faster, safer drilling services.

With a team of engineers dedicated to advancing the quest for continuous improvement in the oilfield, Xtreme develops drilling rigs that achieve:

  • New benchmarks for total footage drilled
  • World records for drilling speed and time
  • Some of the quickest rig-up and rig-out times
  • Improved drilling safety (noise reduction, hydraulic leveling, smaller footprint)

Applying Advanced Technology and Driving Innovation

Surpassing the Industry Standard

Our drilling rigs feature the latest automation and other technologies that have become industry-standard in recent years. You’ll also find proprietary innovations that only Xtreme offers. This unique combination enables us to provide deeper and faster drilling services which are also safer for our crews and the environment.

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