Our History

Xtreme Drilling Corp. was founded in 2005 by a team of industry veterans with a history of driving innovation in both drilling rig engineering and operations.

Today, we operate two fleets that combine leading-edge technology with innovative advancements: our XDR drilling rigs and our XHD hybrid coiled tubing drilling rigs.

Our history is marked by technological innovation, record-setting performance and the consistent expansion of both our fleets and the geographical scope of our operations.


July 2016 — Xtreme Drilling Corp. changes names from Xtreme Drilling and Coil Services Corp.

June 2016 — Sell of XSR coiled tubing services segment to Schlumberger

December 2015 — Ranked #9 in overall footage drilled in the U.S. and Canadian market in 2015, and ranked #1 in average footage per well drilled, average wells drilled per marketed rig and average monthly footage per marketed rig

February 2015 — Set a single bit run footage record, drilling vertical, curve and lateral intervals totaling 11,552 feet in one run with 57.5 on-bottom hours in Colorado’s Denver-Julesburg Basin

December 2014 — Ranked #1 in average footage per well drilled, average wells drilled per marketed rig and average monthly footage per marketed rig for the U.S. and Canadian market in 2014

July 2014 – Xtreme Drilling enters the India Drilling Market

February 2014 – Walking System for 1,500 hp XDR 500 first deployed

November 2013 – Xtreme’s Proprietary Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) System is active for all drilling rigs

April 2012 – Xtreme Drilling and Coil Services Corp changes names from Xtreme Coil Drilling Corp.

August 2011 – 1,500 hp XDR500 class Drilling Rig introduced to market

March 2010 — Contracted to drill world’s first geothermal well with coiled tubing (Nevada)

March 2010 — Middle East drilling presence established

August 2009 — Announced development of rig for re-entry drilling in international markets

April 2009 — Field record for speed with jointed pipe (U.S.)

April 2009 — World record depth for coiled tubing drilling using 3-1/2” coil (Mexico)

July 2008 — International presence established

April 2008 — World record S-curve for coiled tubing drilling

July 2007 — World record drilling hours and depth with coiled tubing

March 2007 — World record well drilled in Denver-Julesburg Basin in Colorado

March 2007 — First two patents awarded

December 2006 — World record depth for coiled tubing drilling

September 2006 — Xtreme stock begins trading on Toronto Stock Exchange under symbol “XDC”

July 2006 — Field drilling operations commence in Alberta with Xtreme’s first coiled tubing rig

May 2006 — Xtreme stock first traded on TSX Venture Exchange

May 2005 — Xtreme incorporated under Alberta (Canada) Business Corporations Act