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Provides the ability to rack or lay down tubulars while the top drive is utilized.


(patent pending)

Xtreme Drilling’s Evolution Series 850XE rigs feature our new, patent pending Offline Stand Builder (OSB) developed together with Bentec rig builders in Germany.  The OSB is a pipe handling machine which allows the 850XE rigs to buildup and rack back triple stands of drill pipe, drill collars or casing while the rig is actively drilling.  

With this OSB capability, Xtreme’s 850XE drilling rigs feature dual activity rig floors; both drilling and offline stand building activities can occur simultaneously which is unique for onshore drilling rigs of any classification. 

Picking up and laying down drilling tools and drill strings can occur during drilling activities.  This reduces overall rig drilling operations times by hours for all wells and even by days for deeper wells.  

Xtreme Drilling’s 850XE rigs drill wells faster and provide lower well drilling costs compared to rigs without Offline Stand Builder abilities.

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The 850 XE is Premier Spec Drilling Rig with depth capacity ranging from 12,000 to 30,000 feet.

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