Xtreme Drilling Technical Features

Adjustable Clear Height (Optional Equipment)
Pony Subs – Can add an additional 1.5 meters / 5 feet to sub clearance height

Highline Capabilities (Optional Equipment)
Xtreme has tied into the power grid to run on highline power and to aid in eliminating noise in areas of environmental sensitivity.

Walking/Skidding Ability of 67+ meters / 220+ feet with Scalping Tank
Ability to skid with full complement of tubulars in mast
9 meters / 30 feet skid average is 2-4 hours from commencement of skid to nipple up

highline-capabilities rig-skidding


Small Loads / Faster Rig Up

Smaller Loads / Faster Moves
Smaller, compact loads
Small location footprint
Craneless rig moves (optional)

Faster Rig Up / Rig Down
Average rig move: Xtreme – U.S. is under 36 hours.
Competitors’ rig moves typically take 84-120 hours.


rig-move rig-load-moving