Corporate Responsibility


Xtreme Drilling Corp. is committed to providing a work environment that is free of known hazards for our employees, visitors and contractors, while serving as a steward for the environment. We believe every incident is preventable and strive to continually improve our Quality, Health, Safety & Environment performance year after year.

Our QHSE program focuses on:

Guiding Principles

Xtreme — We will strive to advance the culture of being excellent in all job aspects wherever we operate throughout tfhe world.

Training — We will develop and train our employees to the highest standards in the industry.

Respecting Employees, Customers and Suppliers — We will foster individuality and diversity among our employees and recognize outstanding performance, provide our customers with unsurpassed service, and promote relationships with suppliers built upon a foundation of respect, understanding and sound business practices.

Expectations — We will hold ourselves accountable for continuous performance improvement.

Measurement — We will measure performance using the Xtreme Xcellence Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) scorecard. The KPIs are: QHSE Statistics – TRIR/LTIR; Rig Operating Time; and Drilling Rig % Downtime (NPT).

Environment — We will be good stewards of the environment and promote the conservation of energy and natural resources, and the reduction of waste.

We work to achieve these goals through safety inspections; Job Safety Analysis (JSA); our Safety Actions for Excellence (S.A.F.E.) program; pre-job, pre-tour and weekly safety meetings; and training, both formal and on-the-job.

Accountability and Technological Advancement

From the newest employee to the most senior, everyone at Xtreme is held accountable for the safety of themselves and their co-workers. Each employee, contractor and visitor of Xtreme is required to report—and has the authority to stop—any unsafe act or condition which is observed.

Our drilling rig designs reflect the tremendous value that Xtreme places on safety. From hydraulic elevated pipe racks to our process for moving rigs, we’ve implemented many initiatives to prevent our employees from being exposed to hazards and reduce the probability of an incident.

All employees are required to complete a safe work practices and basic oilfield operations orientation before going to a drilling rig worksite. SafeLandUSA, IADC RigPass and Enform’s General Safety Orientation (GSO) are approved orientation programs.