Business Overview

Xtreme Drilling Corp. is an onshore drilling rig and hybrid coil tubing drilling rig service provider that works with leading operators around the world. We pride ourselves on building relationships with our clients and see every project as a partnership. We feel the technology and experience we offer with our all-AC electric drilling fleet will help to optimize our customers’ drilling programs.


Land Drilling

Xtreme’s drilling rig fleet is among the industry’s newest, with rigs outfitted from top to bottom with technologies that make our rigs a perfect fit for today’s applications.

Designed for performance and efficiency, we own and operate 21 highly advanced drilling rigs capable of drilling 6,000-23,500 feet / 1,830-7,163 meters.


Hybrid Rigs

Xtreme’s hybrid rig technology offers the same capabilities as our fit-for-purpose 23,500 feet / 7,163 meter conventional drilling rigs, with the full flexibility and speed of coiled tubing drilling.