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About Xtreme Drilling Corp.

About Xtreme Drilling Corp.

Xtreme Drilling Corp. is an onshore drilling rig service provider that works with leading operators around the world. We pride ourselves on building relationships with our clients and see every project as a partnership. We feel the technology and experience we offer with our all-AC electric drilling fleet will help to optimize our customers’ drilling programs.

Xtreme Drilling Corp. was founded in 2005 by a team of industry veterans with a history of driving innovation in both drilling rig engineering and operations. Our history is marked by technological innovation, record-setting performance and the consistent expansion of our fleet and the geographical scope of our operations. 


December 2017 Xtreme commissions the first Evolution Series Drilling Rig - the 850 XE
July 2016 Xtreme Drilling Corp. changes names from Xtreme Drilling and Coil Services Corp.
June 2016 Sell of XSR coiled tubing services segment to Schlumberger
December 2015 Ranked #9 in overall footage drilled in the U.S. and Canadian market in 2015, and ranked #1 in average footage per well drilled, average wells drilled per marketed rig and average monthly footage per marketed rig
February 2015 Set a single bit run footage record, drilling vertical, curve and lateral intervals totaling 11,552 feet in one run with 57.5 on-bottom hours in Colorado’s Denver-Julesburg Basin
December 2014 Ranked #1 in average footage per well drilled, average wells drilled per marketed rig and average monthly footage per marketed rig for the U.S. and Canadian market in 2014
July 2014 Xtreme Drilling enters the India Drilling Market
February 2014 Walking System for 1,500 hp XDR 500 first deployed
November 2013 Xtreme’s Proprietary Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) System is active for all drilling rigs
April 2012 Xtreme Drilling and Coil Services Corp changes names from Xtreme Coil Drilling Corp.
August 2011 1,500 hp XDR500 class Drilling Rig introduced to market
March 2010 Contracted to drill world’s first geothermal well with coiled tubing (Nevada)
March 2010 Middle East drilling presence established
August 2009 Announced development of rig for re-entry drilling in international markets
April 2009 Field record for speed with jointed pipe (U.S.)
April 2009 World record depth for coiled tubing drilling using 3-1/2” coil (Mexico)
July 2008 International presence established
April 2008 World record S-curve for coiled tubing drilling
July 2007 World record drilling hours and depth with coiled tubing
March 2007 World record well drilled in Denver-Julesburg Basin in Colorado
March 2007 First two patents awarded
December 2006 World record depth for coiled tubing drilling
September 2006 Xtreme stock begins trading on Toronto Stock Exchange under symbol “XDC”
July 2006 Field drilling operations commence in Alberta with Xtreme’s first coiled tubing rig
May 2006 Xtreme stock first traded on TSX Venture Exchange
May 2005 Xtreme incorporated under Alberta (Canada) Business Corporations Act



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